The modern diet consisting of soft foods that do not require extensive chewing contributes to the epidemic of underdeveloped jaws. The lack of solid foods in the diet, mouth breathing, and the incorrect position of the tongue in the mouth lead to underdeveloped jaws, which are generally recognized to have an adverse effect on attractiveness. A weak chin, an undefined jaw line, an elongated face, and crooked teeth are all signs of poor oral posture and often a consequence of improper tongue positioning in the mouth.

The correct position of the tongue in the mouth is the full length of the tongue against the palate. Correcting the position of the tongue can dramatically change the appearance, create a pronounced jaw line and align the teeth. Just look at the mewing before and after photos to see what changes are possible.

Mewing is an orthotropic technique developed by the British orthodontist Dr. John Mew to counteract these changes. See detailed instructions on how to mew in this guide. The term "mewing" refers to a series of exercises aimed at correcting the position of the tongue in the mouth and improving facial aesthetics.

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